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Central Home Health Services offers Rehabilitation Services which provides a bridge from hospitalization or outpatient therapy for the homebound patients with physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services. Through these rehabilitation services the patients work toward achieving their optimal level of functioning within their home environment.
Physical Therapy…Increasing strength, balance and gait
Improves Pain Management
Use of modalities such as ultrasounds, TENS units, Anodyne device, exercise and stretching, heat and cold use, scheduling pain medication, positioning, body mechanics and McKenzie exercise protocols to decrease back pain.
Improves Balance and Self Care
Education on proper use of adaptive equipment for gait, Propriceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) pattern motioning, posture training and use of neuro-development techniques.
Improves Endurance
Through home exercise programs including exercise progression and transitional cardiac rehab and endurance progression, training on breathing techniques and use of oxygen titration.
Improves Management of Wounds
Use of various techniques and electrical stimulation (e-stim) and access to new and innovative products.
Occupational Therapy…improving daily living skills
Improves Self-Care and Daily Living Activities
Education and training of adaptive and durable medical equipment (bathroom devices, transfer devices beds and wheelchairs), compensatory techniques, energy conservation techniques, task breakdown, breathing techniques, proper body mechanics and joint protection.
Improves Safety In The Home
Prevention of falls through safe reaching and carrying techniques, suggestions for reorganizing cabinets and minor home modifications.
Improves Pain Management
Through positioning and splinting, joint protection and the teaching of relaxation techniques and imagery. Pain modalities ie Ultrasound, Anodyne and TENS would be beneficial for pain relief at home.
Improves Strength, Endurance, Balance and Coordination
Through therapeutic activities incorporating body/sensory integration, body mechanics and neuromuscular facilitation techniques.
Improves Visual and Cognitive Functions
Visual and cognitive retraining, education of memory and vision devices. Visual scanning strategies and caregiver instruction.
Speech Therapy…improving cognitive communications
Improves Communications
Expressive and receptive language training including reading and understanding, medication instructions, speech intelligibility strategies and exercises, cognitive training including use of memory books and reality orientation training, referral access to resources such as audiology.
Improves Dysphagia Management
Oral, pharyngeal and laryngeal exercises, thermal stimulation, diet defining, compensatory strategies, caregiver education, referral to resources such as video fluoroscope swallowing studies.