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Central Home Health Services provides a variety of services. For more information on a specific service please contact our office and speak to our home care professionals.

Skilled Nursing - assesses condition and teaches the patient and/or their family the signs, symptoms, complications, medications and side effects as well as nutrition.

Physical Therapy - rehabilitates the patient to their fullest potential in their own environment, teaching them to use medically necessary devices.

Occupational Therapy
- teaches the patient to perform activities of daily living in the environment they will need to work in.

Speech Therapy - teaches communication skills, exercises swallow and gag reflexes in privacy.

Home Health Aide - may assist the patient in their activities of daily living for a short period of time while they rehabilitate and become more independent.

Medical Social Worker - assists the patient/caregiver, physician and agency in short and long-term planning, linkage with community resources and assess social and emotional factors that may impact care.
Special services

Orthopedic Pre/Post Op Program:
Central Home Health services pre-operative program provides a home safety assessment visit before surgery to prepare the home and plan for patient's return. This service relieves stress and apprehension, and increases patient's rate of recovery. Post Hospital Program provides intense physical therapy and occupational therapy to achieve joint-range, strength, and functional mobility.

2 . Diabetic Education Program:

Home visits by a registered nurse to complete instruction on disease process, medication administration, and ADA diet.

3 . Wound Management:
Educate patient/family in obtaining appropriate wound care supplies and education on proper wound management to promote healing.

4 . Commonly Treated Problems:
High blood pressure/hypertension - High blood sugar/diabetes - Unstable medical condition - Recent Fractures - Recent stroke - Frequent falls/poor walking ability - Open wound(s) - Arthritic pain - Bowel/Bladder problems (including Catheter Change)-Repeat Hospitalization

5. Pain management at home:
Our licensed therapist use different devices to reduce acute and chronic pain. Devices like Anodyne, Ultrasound and TENS can be carried to the patient’s home for treatment.

6. Fall Prevention Program:

Central Home Health Services therapists and nurses regularly evaluate patients for fall risk and home safety upon admission and continue to monitor through out our services period. Therapist gives you a professional advice on how to prevent falls and stay safe.